Multi-author comments in LaTeX

This is a simple command to simplify adding comments from multiple users editing a single LaTeX document, such as a manuscript shared between multiple authors.

newcommandnotesAlice[1]{textbf{textcolor{blue}{Alice: #1}}}
newcommandnotesBob[1]{textbf{textcolor{green}{Bob: #1}}}

…and so on. Obviously edit styles to your liking. Then each author enters their notes like this:

notesBob{This paragraph needs more text.}

To enable switching the notes on and off, use the ifthen package. Disabling all notes is handy to check document length, for instance. Here’s how to do it:

newcommandnotesAlice[1]{ifthenelse {boolean{showNotes}}
 {textbf{textcolor{blue}{Alice: #1}}}
newcommandnotesBob[1]{ifthenelse {boolean{showNotes}}
 {textbf{textcolor{green}{Bob: #1}}}

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